You Are Beautiful At Any Size: Why You Don’t Need to Lose Weight Before a Boudoir Session

You want to look your best on the day you have your boudoir session (DUH!), but are you worried that you need to lose weight before? If so, STOOOOPPP! You don’t need to be a gym buff to look great in front of the camera. 

With the help of some simple poses, a beautiful wardrobe, and some expert direction from us, your body will look and feel amazing (cause it is 😉)! 

We are going to talk about  why it’s important not to obsess about losing weight before your boudoir session so that you can enjoy the experience instead of worrying about how you look in front of the camera.



Every Body Is


There is no one ‘perfect’ body type. Plus, how you feel about your body is more important than what society tells us. I believe that every body shape and size is beautiful and I think it’s time we start appreciating ourselves for who we are instead of trying to be who society wants us to be. While it is okay to want to have a healthier relationship with your own self imagine; do not use your boudoir session as an (unhealthy) excuse to obsess over the scale.

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Boudoir Photography Is About


your body

Your boudoir session is not about making you seem your smallest, it is about celebrating your body at any size. It’s about how you feel inside and outside. And when I say any size, I really mean it. Women of all sizes have come in for boudoir sessions (which is why our client closet includes sizes 6X-XS!) and the photos are beautiful because they look like them. They don’t look like they were put into a cookie cutter form defined by social media.

Losing Weight Does NOT Equal


Losing weight doesn’t mean you will be happier or more confident. Losing weight doesn’t mean you will suddenly be worth more. It’s hard to unlearn the toxic mindset of putting value on the number our scale shows but your happiness is not completely dependent on your size, and it’s never too late to change that mindset.

Tips & Tricks!

For Feeling Confident In Front Of The Camera

Get styled up! Take full advantage of our glam team and client closet! Wear something that makes you feel beautiful, sexy, and powerful.

Make sure if you have any specific visions for your shoot you tell us! It’s so important that we have full communication before and during your session. We want you to feel as AMAZING as you look!

Practice posing in front of a mirror before the shoot so you can get used to moving your body in “unnatural” ways. Oftentimes boudoir brings out muscle strength we didn’t know we had or needed. So practicing holding a pose is always a great idea- don’t worry if it’s not perfect. We always guide you but it can be fun to practice!


- Team Vixen Babe

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