” I am a forever Vixen” : Kayla’s Story

The first time I ever met Kayla was actually the first year I was shooting boudoir. She come to her best friends boudoir shoot to do her hair and makeup and hype her up (we dont allow extra people at our shoots anymore butt this was a pre-boundary Janae.).

The session was amazing and I could tell by the end that Kayla was ready to throw on some lingerie and do it herself too. Which is what she did. We booked her session before she even left and the rest feels like history.

From Client to Friend

A few years into owning my studio I decided to onboard some amazing brand ambassadors. Ladies who represented exactly what The Amour Vixen is at it’s core.

Kayla texted me the DAY applications were due and said “Do you think I still have a chance?” and I think I typed YES faster than I’ve ever typed anything ever.

Kayla became one of my brand ambassadors and she took spreading the message of self love extremely seriously. She come to help pose and hype up other ambassadors during their sessions and assisted me during shoots countless times.

When I was finally ready to hire a studio manager Kayla decided to close down the salon she owned and come work for me. It was a dream having her here every day. Our clients absolutely loved her and she was and is just as passionate about our mission statement as I am.

When she left us to chase a dream job offer we sat and shed a few happy & sad tears together- but it was only see you later.

She is always at every single #VixenBabe event and the first person to show up if we need anything. Her experience during her first session reunited so deep that she made being a Vixen a true part of her story.

We even have matching tattoos from our studio pop up!

But don't take my word for it . . . . here are hers :

” I discovered Janae’s work when I had the lowest self-esteem I ever experienced. I was always the friend that was just always okay and held everyone together but there was a secret shadow I carried around in my heart blocking me from receiving the type of joy I was giving to everyone but myself. 

After meeting her, and experiencing a session at her studio and she lit a fire within my soul, and started my self-love journey.

I remember telling Janae I’d be back for another session when I start to lose some of the weight I wanted. She smiled and said “that’s a great goal if it’ll truly make your heart happy.  but I’m here if you discover there is just a little voice inside trying to conform to what society says you should look like”

About a year later I applied to be a brand ambassador at the last hour. I remember calling Janae and telling her how she was right and I never lost the ridiculous amount of weight I said I would just to fit into a mold. Instead I focused on myself and told her how I feel amazing now. Both outside and inside. 

It has been years now and I’ve had countless sessions with Janae. Overtime, I believe she single-handedly helped me rebuild my self-esteem. It’s not something that is easy to put into words. It’s a feeling I guess. You wake up with your chin a little higher, put on a shirt a little shorter, work out in just a sports bra and leggings instead of baggy clothes you hate. You start to accept that taking up space is not a bad thing if your “heart is happy” as Janae would say.

The Amour Vixen experience is more than just sexy pictures.

The experience helps you view yourself the way others do. It’s why many people just like me find it hard to believe it’s even us at all our reveals.Even on your 2nd, or 3rd session- it’s hard to truly sink in.

Having this kind of experience has truly helped me love my body from the inside out. I struggled so hard with the person staring back at me in the mirror before I met Janae, that girl felt like a stranger I’d never met. Now I know and love the girl in the reflection more than I love anything. I will be a forever client and a forever vixen. ” 

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